Two Primary Aims for Israel's PR​

Educate and Inform

Israel’s PR needs to shift from an overwhelmingly defensive PR to a more offensive approach to expose the real cause of the conflict and advance Israel’s strategic aims.​

Replace Hostility with Solidarity​

Alter the international balance of blame against Israel so that international organizations such as the UN, EU stop couching support for Israel's destruction as even-handedness.​


All states have their own geopolitical interests which can make solidarity with Israel difficult.  Therefore, the strategic challenge for Israeli diplomacy is to ease this.  This is unlikely unless the real cause and solution to the conflict are public knowledge so governments and international organizations are less likely to oppose Israel's interests.
A proactive approach is easily accomplished by repeating a small number of memorable messages. The Palestinians have their own unfounded claim of 'occupation and stolen land' that is endlessly repeated and never challenged. Israel should learn from this with its own brief, easily understood primary messages.


Strategic PR requires that Israeli spokespersons prepare two types of answers.
Respond to the specific events/facts on the ground that triggered the interview. Then, ALWAYS remind the public of the cause and solution to the conflict and weave them into media comments and articles.


The chief cause and driving force of the conflict is the long-standing refusal of the Palestinians factions to accept the Jewish state, and their explicit intention to annihilate it.
The solution to end the conflict peacefully is for Palestinians to have governments that do not want to destroy Israel. This means they must abandon the PA/PLO Palestinian National Charter and the Hamas Charter and reconcile themselves to the Jewish state.


Neither the UN nor the EU have condemned or opposed the explicit intentions of the PA, Hamas and others to destroy the state of Israel Instead, their silence has provided political cover for eliminationist aims.  Financial aid has provided the means to pursue those aims.
The solution is to reverse these disastrous positions and instead apply all measures to coax or coerce the Palestinians to abandon their aim of eliminating Israel.
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