What is to be done?

Within the Israeli press there is a steady stream of disquiet expressed regarding the effectiveness of Israel’s PR. 

In articles, comments and letters, numerous ideas for improvement are presented.  But without a plan or apparatus to implement them, they remain essentially the lonely ideas of their creators. 

The purpose of arguments4israel is to bring-about long overdue improvements to Israel’s PR.  Suggestions are made here to help implement this.  But as noted above, good ideas are not enough. 

Therefore, we need an action plan.  This means that like-minded individuals need to be organized to share our collective ideas and work out the connections needed for implementation.    


We are likely to need the ear of the government as well as access to MKs and ministers, ambassadors, military spokespersons and other influential commentators. 

If this issue ‘speaks’ to you, I urge you to contact me to explore how we can best develop and build an effective PR apparatus.  This should, of course, work in tandem with diplomacy with the aim of transforming the negative view of Israel found in many countries into one of solidarity and understanding of the prime cause of the conflict.


Feel free to share this site with others who may have a similar interest.

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