Conflicting Concepts of the Two-State Solution

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Two-state solution ‘Alef’ verses Two-state solution ‘Bet’

1/   Usually obscured from public view, the perpetual Palestinian rejection of a Jewish state and the claims of all Palestinian factions to all the territory of Israel kills stone-dead any real peace process.  The fundamental problem posed for Israel can best be illustrated by drawing a distinction between two conflicting concepts of the two-state solution. 

2/   Two-state solution ‘Alef’ is where Jewish national rights are acknowledged and respected as the basis for a historical compromise leading the two national movements to two-states for two peoples with mutual acceptance as the core principle.  Only this version can possibly lead to a successful two-state solution.  Sadly, this concept is entirely absent from both the PA and Hamas.

3/   Two-state solution ‘Bet’ is where the Arab rejection of Jewish national rights is maintained and a state hostile to the existence of Israel is established alongside the Zionist Entity.  Further, the Palestinian claim to all the territory from the river to the sea, plus the refusal to accept Israelis into such a future Palestinian state, incorporates both ethnic cleansing and genocidal aims.

4/   Yet many find the alarm, excitable language, and combative attitudes that this provokes in Israel to be shocking.  Instructively, the Palestinian aim does not seem to shock them at all.  Yet how could Israel possibly rely on a peace agreement for a so-called two-state solution when all the Palestinian factions retain the aim of eliminating the Jewish state? 

5/   An eliminationist Palestinian state would use its territory, or allow it to be used, as a base for the preparation or launching of assaults on Israel.  As a result, instead of a peaceful end to the conflict, acceptance of a Palestinian state on this basis will lead to its disastrous escalation. 

6/   Tragically, the conflict is now so prolonged that it appears to be permanent.  In fact, its continuation is entirely a matter of choice.  As US President Joe Biden remarked in his briefing room speech (21 May 2021):

Let’s get something straight: until the region says, unequivocally, they acknowledge the right of Israel to exist as an independent Jewish state, there will be no peace.

7/   Yet these realities are overwhelmingly ignored by the international media and the UN.  Constant repetition of the two-state mantra totally obscures the dangers to Israel from Two-State Solution ‘Bet’ – which is the only option being considered.  As a result, large sections of the international public are oblivious to the prospect of even greater conflict from this ‘solution’.  

8/   As a result, a peaceful end to the conflict is impossible and Two-State Solution ‘Aleph’ merely a fantasy.


The only way to end the conflict is for the Palestinians to have governments that do not want to eliminate Israel.


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