The Second Pillar of Effective PR – DEMANDS

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Three Demands of the UN

1/   Created to maintain peace between states, the UN has serially abandoned this responsibility to Israel.  Following its seizure of power in Gaza, Hamas made no secret of its intention to wage war and destroy the Jewish state.  Nor is this aim a mere paper program as its constant attacks demonstrate.  Yet the UN has not expressed indignation, hostility, or any opposition whatsoever to these intentions to destroy a member state of the UN.  Nor has it attempted to mobilize international opposition to such threats to peace.

2/   Secondly, the UN maintains the mantra that a Two-State Solution is the only feasible end to the conflict.  Yet neither the PA nor Hamas have agreed to this for the simple reason that it implies acceptance of the Jewish state.  Instead, they claim all the territory of Israel, from-the-river-to-the-sea, the ‘48 territories.  This is the exact opposite of the two-state solution.  It is impossible to believe that this is unknown to the UN.  But again, it expresses no dismay, hostility or condemnation of Palestinian aims, nor issues demands to coax or coerce them to accept the Jewish state.

3/   Sadly, it is also appropriate to ask, where are the demands from Israel to make these disgraceful UN failures public knowledge and to agitate for their reversal?  Where are the demands for international solidarity against those who threaten the existence of Israel?  Where are Israeli demands that the UN act according to its peace-keeping Charter?  Where are the demands that the Palestinians abandon their opposition to the existence of the Jewish state?

The politics of demands

4/   The purpose of constantly raising such demands is not in any immediate expectation that they will be met.  Instead, it is in order that they become public knowledge and normal, expected and unavoidable parts of public diplomacy.  Failing to make such demands means that the international public remains overwhelmingly ignorant of the real situation and no effective international action will be taken against the actual enemies of peace.

5/   In reality, if there is to be a peaceful end to the conflict, the minimum requirement is that the Palestinians abandon the Palestinian National Charter and the Hamas Charter and cease their opposition to the existence of Israel.  For as long as the Palestinians deny the same self-determination for Israeli Jews as they claim for themselves, peace is impossible.

6/   Instead, UN silence effectively accepts Palestinian aims.  As a result, there are no international efforts to persuade or pressurize the Palestinians to at last accept the Jewish state.  This means that our spokespersons should publically make these three demands of the UN:

  • it should act in accordance with the raison d’etre of its existence and oppose those states and entities that seek the destruction of Israel.
  • it condemns the Palestinian rejection of Israel’s right to exist and demands their acceptance.
  • it makes clear that a peaceful end to the conflict requires Palestinian governments that do not want to eliminate Israel.


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