Israel’s Primary Message # 1

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The only way to end the conflict peacefully is for the Palestinians to have governments that do not aim to destroy Israel

1/   Israel needs the international public to know this:

  • the cause and driving force of the conflict is the long-standing refusal of the Palestinian factions to accept the Jewish state and their equally long-standing aim of eliminating it (see 2-State Solutions box),
  • the only peaceful way to end the conflict is for the Palestinians to reconcile themselves to Israel, and work alongside it for mutual benefit.

2/   The long-term strategic aim for Israel is to demonstrate this to the international public.  This will accomplish two goals.  In the first place, it will move blame for the conflict away from Israel to where it belongs.  This will make it harder for opponents of Israel to ignore Israel’s interests in international diplomacy.  Secondly, it will enhance the ability of Israel to mobilize international efforts to persuade/pressure the Palestinians to abandon the following:

  • the Palestinian National Charter and the Hamas Charter, which call for the destruction of Israel
  • the notion that Jews are a religious community only with no independent national rights
  • ideas that Jews have no religious or historical connection to the area
  • the policy of flooding the land with millions of fictitious refugees.

3/   These need to be replaced with:

  • the acceptance that Israeli Jews have the same rights of national self-determination as the Palestinians claim for themselves,
  • the acceptance of the Jewish state.

4/   Currently, the Palestinian aim of annihilating Israel is largely hidden from the international public.  As a result, the Palestinians face no international pressure to accept the Jewish state.  Therefore, Primary Message #1 needs to be central to Israeli PR and repeated in every international forum.

5/   Greater international understanding and support also provide the political framework for the replacement of Palestinian governments that wish to eliminate Israel with those who don’t.  Only when Palestinian governments are supported by a population that is not committed to the elimination of Israel, will the possibilities for peace and prosperity be possible.

6/   For example, Gaza will achieve an immediate and fool-proof defense against retaliatory Israeli air strikes, as they will no longer be necessary if Israel is not being attacked.  Likewise, the Israeli blockade of Gaza needed to prevent war materials from reaching Hamas will also end.  In short, this can bring about a situation where a win-win is possible for the first time.


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