Israel’s Primary Message # 2

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The UN was formed in 1945 to preserve peace between states –
yet it is silent on attempts to destroy Israel

1/   The struggle for international public opinion requires a long-term, strategic political and PR perspective.  This means the persistent direction of blame at the UN for its distortions and hostility to Israel, for its systematic silence on the causes of the conflict and the systematic failure of its duty to act against states and entities that aim to destroy Israel (see the Second Pillar of Effective PR).

2/   Therefore, on every stage, in every interview and in every article, at home and abroad, Israeli spokespersons, and pro-Israel advocates need to repeat Primary Message #2.  The strategic aim is that by making it public knowledge, opposition to Israel will be weakened and the UN will cease being an obstacle to Israeli-Palestinian peace, and instead becomes its vehicle.

3/   This means that Israel’s PR should constantly and publicly demand that the UN:

  • end its silence on the Palestinian aim of destroying Israel,
  • cease turning a blind eye to the real causes of the conflict (see the 2-State Solutions),
  • oppose activities that delegitimize Israel’s right to exist,
  • cease funding activities on the West Bank and Gaza that incite or finance violence.

4/   Instead, the UN should:

  • fund activities that promote Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish state,
  • promote coexistence instead of annihilation,
  • initiate a Chapter VII resolution (legally binding) to end Hamas rule.

5/   All Palestinian parties, the Palestinian media, education system and mosques, claim the whole territory of Israel, and not just the West Bank.  None promote a two-state solution as a peaceful end to the conflict and none pursue this with Israel.  The supremacist visions of the Palestinian National Charter and the Hamas Charter make clear the aim of obliterating Israel, seizing all its territory, and killing or expelling Jews.

6/   The only Palestinian state they conceive of is one that is built on the ruins of the Jewish state.  This is why they never offer their own alternative for a peaceful end to the conflict and instead mobilize for perpetual war against Israel.

7/   Yet instead of upholding its founding principles to ensure peace between states, and instead of outright opposition to Palestinian eliminationist aims, the UN has actively protected and subsidized them.  This makes it complicit in the continuation of a war it was supposed to prevent.  Unfortunately, this is almost unknown to the international public and why Israel’s Primary Message #2 must be central to Israel’s public diplomacy.


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