Mazal Tov President Abbas Part 2

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Lenin, President Abbas & the UK Deputy Prime Minister

Lenin is credited with having coined the expression useful idiots. By this is meant the service provided by innocent and ideologically blinded western politicians and reporters who defended the young Soviet state and did their best to deny, excuse or shield its totalitarian savagery from exposure.

In other words, the useful idiots served a totalitarian, anti-democratic and anti-liberal purpose. In reality, by defending revolutionary totalitarianism instead of supporting the democrats and liberals, who were being wiped-out by Lenin, Trotsky, Bukharin and Stalin, they became dangerous idiots.

To look at this from another angle, the only people who are fooled by useful idiots are the liberal democrats who fail to see that their own liberal-democratic way of thinking and behaving is far from being shared by everyone. The liberal-democratic view that thinks disputes should be settled on a win-win basis without violence is fine when dealing with others who share a similar outlook. When reinforced by well-established and agreed structures, limits and laws the advantages seem obvious.

Liberals vs totalitarians

Unfortunately, the dominant Arab-Muslim-Palestinian view is entirely contrary to this. It is neither liberal nor democratic and its view of what constitutes a just settlement is entirely opposed to the 2-State Solution. Instead, it claims exclusive national ownership of the entire territory of Mandatory Palestine. There is no space at all in this view for the Jewish state or Jewish national rights.

This is why the constant repetition of the 2-State Solution mantra gets nowhere in terms of an end to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

The reality is that when dealing with totalitarians, standard western liberal democratic attitudes are completely out of their effective context – like a boxing match where one contestant competes according to the rules with gloved fists but the other is armed with shot-guns. This is basically why the conflict between a Europe dominated by the Nazis and a Europe free of Nazi domination had to be settled by non-liberal, non-democratic and non-diplomatic measures.

Enlightenment vs Endarkenment

As a result, in any time period shorter than the distant future, there is absolutely no chance of a 2-State Solution – at least, not in the sense of a genuine agreement to end the conflict based on 2 states for 2 peoples. As long as dictatorial Arab nationalism and totalitarian Islamism remain the dominant Muslim-Arab-Palestinian views, there will be no acceptance of a Jewish state. Until this attitude is defeated there will be no 2-State Solution.

Nor is this an issue that can be reversed by changes in the behaviour of Israel. This is because the issue is not fundamentally about Israel’s behavior but about its existence. By constantly obscuring this and defending, appeasing and apologizing for those who are trying to destroy Israel, the useful idiots of the Guardian, the BBC and others are part of the problem not the solution.

To put this differently, in obscuring this conflict with totalitarians, they fail to provide enlightenment in terms of the information they provide. At the same time, they fail to provide enlightenment in terms of the defence and promotion of the values developed in the west in the course of a long history of struggles against a variety of totalitarian rulers and totalitarian ideologies.

Clueless Comments & the ‘Three-NOs’

A sad example of this occurred last week when the Deputy Prime Minister of the UK, The Right Honourable Nick Clegg, was speaking alongside ‘President’ Abbas in London. After first declaring himself a stalwart supporter of Israel, the Deputy Prime Minister continued with the main purpose of his speech. This was a sharp and foolish attack on Israel (of course) for supposedly ‘vandalising’ the 2-State Solution.

He managed to say absolutely nothing about the vandal standing right next to him who has been working extremely effectively to extinguish Palestinian democracy. Nor did he manage to remark on the steadfast refusal of the Palestinian President to negotiate with Israel; nor his refusal to recognize Israel’s right to exist or accept it as a Jewish state. Nor did Deputy Prime Minister Clegg manage to remark on the refusal of the Palestinian President to commit to a 2-State Solution as an end to the conflict.

In short, the position of President Abbas remains an exact replica of position of the 3-NOs declared by the Arab states at the Khartoum Conference in 1967 following the 6-Day war:

  • No recognition of Israel;
  • No negotiation with Israel;
  • No peace with Israel.


But none of this means anything to the present British government. Once again, the entire focus of its public diplomacy is criticism of Israel. Meanwhile, the real villain and the real vandal is excused with yet another free-pass.

A double-dose of useful idiocy

The Deputy Prime Minister then compounded his ‘useful-idiocy’ remarks with even more nonsense. This was his claim that “everybody knows” that the 2-State Solution “is the only viable way forward”. In truth, he is hardly alone in trumpeting this wishful thinking that everyone supposedly ‘knows’ that this is the solution. For example, The Economist of London also has a knack of supposedly knowing what everyone else supposedly knows. What is really meant by this claim is that it is known by all decent, right thinking, western liberals. And if they don’t, they should.

But some close and determined questions directed at the man standing next to the Deputy Prime Minister would have disabused him of illusions about what everyone is supposed to know. After all, it is hardly beyond the experience and powers of the British Foreign Office to supply its political masters with a mountain of evidence that neither Abbas nor the other Palestinian leaders share these same western and liberal-democratic values.

This is why these leaders maintain the barely disguised traditional Arab ‘3 NOs’. And this is why they flatly reject the formula of 2-States for 2-Peoples which would involve the unthinkable and unforgivable recognition of another people and its national rights. And this is why they maintain a policy aim based on flooding Israel with so-called refugees, which would endanger if not destroy it. Yet the Deputy Prime Minister said not a word about all this.

Congratulations & jubilations

Yet only a few days before the visit of President Abbas to London, and a few days after his presidential anniversary, there was another Palestinian anniversary. This was a real celebration. The occasion was the anniversary of the founding of Fatah, the political party headed by President Abbas.

Prominent among the speakers was the Mufti of Jerusalem, Sheikh Muhammad Hussein, who was appointed to his position by Abbas. In announcing the Mufti, the Master of Ceremonies yelled:

“Our war with the descendents of the apes and pigs is a war of religion and faith.”

After this inspiring introduction the Mufti mildly quoted a well-known saying of the Prophet:

“Judgement Day will not come before you fight the Jews, and the Jews will hide behind a stone or a tree. And the stone or tree will say, oh Muslim, oh servant of Allah there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him.”
(PA TV 09 Jan 2012, MEMRI clip 3275)

Disavowing that any incitement was intended and that he was merely quoting ‘scripture’, the Mufti somehow quite forgot to mention that this saying of the Prophet is prominent in the literature of Hamas, the genocidal, anti-Semitic, terrorist organization that rules Gaza and seeks to destroy Israel and impose a totalitarian Islamist regime throughout the region.

Perhaps this connection is unknown to the Deputy Prime Minister of the UK. But it is well understood by Muslim audiences far wider than those listening to the Mufti. It is impossible for ‘President’ Abbas not to be familiar with it. In exactly the same way, the reference from the Qur’an to apes and pigs in order to indicate Jews is also a widely known and widely quoted phrase.

The only real news is anti-Israel

Repeated hundreds and thousands of times throughout the Arab and Muslim world, it is hard to believe that with all their separate and collective resources, the governments of the western democracies, are ignorant of the matter-of-fact normality and rampant ferocity of anti-Semitism which is a permanent feature of Arab politics.

Likewise, it is hard to believe that the world-wide information gathering capacities of the international western news agencies have somehow missed all this. In reality, of course, they will undoubtedly be familiar with the scale and viciousness of the hatred of Jews and Israel and the way this is promoted in standard political discourse and spread by the education systems, the media and mosques throughout the Arab world.

Yet with few exceptions, this kind of thing rarely breaks through into western news or mainstream political comment. Like the silence on the demise of Palestinian democracy, the silence of the Palestinian solidarity movement and the anti-Israeli media to such provocations demonstrate an alarmingly distorted outlook which continuously covers-up such misdeeds and effectively censors them from public view. Matters only become worthy of comment if some way can be found to blame Israel. That’s news!

Essentially, this means that the pro-Palestinian and anti-Israeli activists, in the media and in politics, only support the Palestinians in what are taken to be their rights against Israel but not their rights against their own rulers.

News that isn’t news

In other words, as well as incorporating a large dose of hypocrisy, this reveals that the real target of the campaign is Israel rather than a genuine concern for the rights of the Palestinians. It might be said that good evidence of this is the ‘solidarity’ of many of these campaigners with the most totalitarian, anti-Semitic, anti-Israel and anti-western forces in the Arab world – such as Hizbollah, Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood.

But for the Palestinians themselves, rather than their western ‘supporters’, these attitudes are damaging and often brutal. Mahmoud Abu Rahma, the international relations director of the Al-Mezan human rights centre in Gaza, needed a lot of bravery to discuss this in a recent article:

“Facts on the ground indicate clear examples where Palestinian citizens of Gaza and the West Bank find themselves clashing with the government and/or resistance…

One can only wonder in such cases: who will protect the citizens from the mighty resistance and the powerful government when one, or both of them harm them?
Sadly, example after example has shown that the very notion of citizen protection simply disappears in such cases…

Resistance protects, but only from outsiders, ‘the enemy’.”
(Maan News Agency 18 January 2012)

His fears rapidly received personal confirmation. Following publication of the article, Mahmoud Abu Rahma received a series of threats and was subsequently attacked and stabbed repeatedly. It seems that the attackers made no effort to kill him; the purpose of the attack was ‘only’ to wound. On the scale of things it was no more that a gentle warning.

Signs & warnings

But this should also be a warning to those who claim to support the Palestinians. Uncritical acceptance of the Palestinian leaders, their behaviour and their policies by western political leaders and activists provides no favours to the Palestinian people. To the victims of arbitrary arrest, beatings, torture and murder it says that they are without effective support from the international ‘community’; that they remain completely powerless and must face such abuse entirely alone without hope of relief, remedy or justice. To the leaders of this dictatorial form of rule it says that they are free to behave as brutally as they wish without censure, opposition or retribution.

At the same time, the feebleness of the western response only alarms and exasperates Israel which obviously has no option but to take these signs and warnings seriously. For the supposed peace-process, this perpetuates the prospect of what has been to-date an insurmountable problem: a wildly anti-Semitic, anti-Israel and anti-democratic state of Palestine in hostile opposition to Israel is not Israel’s idea of an end to the conflict. Instead, it would represent a dangerous and threatening escalation of the conflict.

In reality, contrary to many assumptions, democracy itself is no guarantee of moderation. But without democracy and the rule of law, rather than the rule of militias, and without a political discourse which tolerates rival views without an automatic resort to violence and murder to settle disputes, there is little hope of building the reciprocal relationships and mutual recognition with Israel necessary make acceptance of a 2-State Solution work.

Solidarity with the Palestinians

This is why those western supporters of the Palestinians who really do want a workable 2-State Solution and a peaceful outcome to the conflict will have to do a lot better. Otherwise, the 2-State Solution will remain a remote prospect. As it is, the combination of a Palestinian leadership willing to reach a permanent settlement with the Jewish state coupled with the capacity and social support to implement such an agreement is nowhere in sight. It simply does not exist. The snag is, the conflict is far deeper, the hostilities much wider and the dangers much greater than those who promote the platitude that ‘everybody knows’ the solution are willing to recognize.

A start could be made by abandoning the uncritical acceptance of Palestinian claims and instead directing demands towards the Palestinians. At the forefront of these should be the following:
internal Palestinian democracy and suppression of the militias as promised in years of peace negotiations;

  • internal Palestinian democracy and suppression of the militias as promised in years of peace negotiations;
  • the Palestinians acknowledge their acceptance of the right of Israel to exist as a Jewish state;
  • the Palestinians commit to end the conflict with the establishment of 2-states for 2-peoples;
  • they completely abandon the so-called right-of-return to Israel.

While these are not necessarily conditions for negotiations, they are indispensable for a successful 2-State Solution.

Yet in reality, the prospect for the successful acceptance of these steps is currently non-existent. This means that all the diplomatic schemes and manoeuvres, which focus the problems on Israel, are destined to fail for the simple reason that they fail to address and overcome the obstacle of the Arab-Palestinian-Muslim rejection of Israel. As a result, the conflict is bound to continue.

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