Remarks on Slovenia’s Presentation at the ICJ in The Hague

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1/   The ongoing tragedy of the Palestinians and the alarming situation in the ‘Middle East’ continue to provoke international turmoil, death and destruction.  Slovenia’s presentation on 23 Feb 2024 highlighted two main issues: 

  • Palestinian rights to self-determination should be respected, 
  • every state in the area should live in peace and security.   

2/   Sadly, the second co-agent for Slovenia, Daniel Müller, completely missed the problem that destroys both aspirations.  The problem is that even a cursory examination of the Palestinian National Charter or the daily newspaper of the Palestinian Authority (PA) Al-Hayat al-Jadida demonstrates that the PA: 

  • adheres to the Palestinian National Charter aim of conquering all Israel,
  • claims the whole territory from the river to the seathe ‘48 territories,
  • refuses to accept a two-state solution as an end to the conflict,
  • devotes zero efforts with its citizens to promote a peaceful solution.

RIGHTS of self-determination

3/   No other people struggling for self-determination have aimed to destroy the state of their opponent.  This Palestinian rejection of the right of self-determination for Israeli Jews is the core driving-force of the conflict.  Naturally, this generates a combative response from Israel.   

4/   The Israeli expectation is that a Palestinian state is bound to use its territory as a base to implement its long-term aim of eliminating the Jewish state – that instead of solving the conflict, it will escalate it.  This will inevitably destroy regional peace and security.  Gaza under Hamas is a perfect example.  

5/   Alternatively, if Jewish national rights were to be accepted at last, a historical compromise would be possible that could lead to two-states for two peoples.  Naturally, Israel would convincing and reliable evidence that the aim of destroying Israel has been abandoned.

6/   As Daniel Müller’s presentation unwittingly demonstrated, none of this can be deduced by quoting law.  The real source of the conflict has to be identified so that the path to implement the law can also be identified.  

Slovenia and the ONLY way to solve the conflict

7/   It follows that the ONLY path to a peaceful resolution of the conflict is for the Palestinians to jettison the Palestinian National Charter and abandon their disastrous aim of destroying Israel.  This takes away the entirely legitimate fears of Israel for its own safety and existence.  Otherwise, if the Palestinians continue to seek the destruction of the Jewish state, there will never be a peaceful solution.   

8/   Instead of drawing attention to this, Daniel Müller stated that Israel prevents Palestinian self-determination.  This is hopelessly inaccurate.  The Palestinians have rejected many offers of a state, both from Israel and before Israel existed.  

9/   Therefore, what can Slovenia do to achieve the necessary change of Palestinian mind-set and establish the conditions that really can solve the conflict?  In fact, without this change, how can meaningful negotiations even take place?  As a member-state of the UN and the EU, Slovenia is well-placed to campaign to get these organizations to persuade the Palestinians to drop their aim of eliminating Israel.  Failure to achieve this inevitably condemns the Palestinians to further tragedy.  

10/   Finally, you may find my two short articles listed below useful.   Click on the title.


Jon Dyson
10 March 2024

UPDATE: Click here to see the reply received from the President of Slovenia.

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