The Core Case for a Two-State Solution

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Why this conceptzia has such a wide appeal, and why it doesn’t work

1/   A large part of the enduring appeal of the two-state solution is its clarity and simplicity.  The core argument is that two rival national groups claim the same territory.  This characterization provides a logical, moral, and political basis for an agreement to divide the territory into a state for Arabs and a state for Jews.  For many, this conceptzia seems to offer a reasonable, equitable, and practical win-win resolution of the conflict.  It seems to be such a morally correct solution that no further elaboration is required.  This has elevated it to the level of a dogma to which all right-thinking people should adhere.

2/   Unfortunately, the Palestinian Arabs reject this characterization and its solution.  This awkward fact has been consistently obscured by the bulk of the international mass media and political elites.  Much is made of the PA recognition of Israel diplomatically.  Of course, Israel exists as a fact-of-life, and no-one denies it.  Yet the PA refuses to accept Israel as a Jewish nation-state with a right to exist.  Therefore, insofar as it considers Israel a state it is not accepted as Jewish, and insofar as it is Jewish it is not accepted as a state, but instead dismissed as the Zionist Entity

3/   Tireless assertions from President Abbas and other PA leaders make it clear that they will never accept a Jewish state and that only an end to Israel will end the conflict.  Like Hamas in Gaza, the PA claims ALL the territory from the river to the sea – the ‘48 territories (that is, Israel).  This conforms exactly to the demands of the Palestinian National Charter, 1968.  

4/   According to the Charter, Jews are a religious group only, without separate national rights.  This is why the PA objects to the phrase two-states for two peoples.  Its justification for this exactly mirrors the Charter:  that Jews are not a people but a religious community with no independent national rights.  In other words, the concept of two-states for two peoples is rejected by the Palestinians because they accept only one people:  themselves. 

5/   This is a clear denial of the same rights of national self-determination for Israeli Jews as they demand for themselves.  In fact, it is an undisguised declaration of the long-standing aim of ending Israel as a Jewish state.  In other words, it is the exact opposite of the two-state solution. 

6/   As a result, with every Palestinian faction asserting extreme hostility to the existence of Israel and claiming all its territory, an eliminationist Palestinian state on the West Bank would provide huge opportunities for those who want to destroy of Israel.  In short, a two-state solution on this basis would escalate not end the conflict. 

7/   The annual Palestinian commemoration of the Naqba mourns the failure of five invading Arab armies, with local Arab support, to destroy Israel in 1948-9.  The continued Palestinian refusal to accept a Jewish state retains the same disastrous winner-takes-all approach.  This is the driving force of the conflict.  Its key aim is to make a win-win two-state solution impossible.  Instead, the ONLY way to end the conflict is for the Palestinians to accept a Jewish state, at last, by abandoning the aim of destroying Israel and jettisoning the Palestinian National Charter

8/   Oblivious or ignorant of all this, vast numbers of individuals and organizations throughout the world cling to the two-state paradigm.  Currently, the idea of bringing the PA into Gaza for a major governing role is being promoted.  This has encouraged many to believe that once again this will be a step towards the two-state solution.


The only way to end the conflict is for the Palestinians to have governments that do not want to eliminate Israel.


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