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What are the Best Interests of the Palestinians?

Could it be that the best interests of the PA president Abbas would be to strike a deal with Israel now for a ‘West Bank’ mini-state before Iran gets its bomb and Hamas and others grow stronger? Well, if the prime aim of Abbas and the PA was the creation of a Palestinian state this would seem to be well worth their consideration.

Unfortunately, this is not at all certain. In any case, the suggestion certainly smacks of typical western-style real-politik notions of making the best available deal – if indeed it is available and if they could make it. Yet time after time this has been shown to be a false standard on which to base expectations and policies towards the Palestinians.

Why would Israel want to make a deal now?
In any case, why would Israel want to do a deal with Abbas and the PA now? They are so weak and untrustworthy that the prospect of them being able to make such a deal is extremely unlikely, to put it mildly. It is even more doubtful whether they could make it stick. In fact, how long could they even survive without US & EU funding and US & IDF military assistance? ..

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