The Only Way to End Gaza Wars & Blockade

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How the UN gets it wrong yet again

1/   The ONLY way to stop the conflict and so end the Israeli blockade is for Gaza to have a government that does not want to destroy Israel.  Yet the UN, and other major international actors, have a long history of silence on this basic reality.  

2/   In fact, a friendly government in Gaza would produce immediate benefits for Gazan and Israelis.  Gazans will receive a fool-proof defense against retaliatory Israeli air-strikes and an end to the Israeli blockade aimed at preventing war materials from reaching Hamas.  Israelis will receive freedom from a multitude of assaults and attempts to murder and kidnap Jews.  As a result, the path to peace and prosperity via friendly political, and economic relations between Gaza and Israel, can be opened.

3/   Therefore, the long silence of the UN is astounding.  After all, following WW2, the prime raison d’etre for founding the UN was to end wars between states.  Therefore, it would seem reasonable to expect that the UN would act urgently by taking steps to prevent the de facto state of Gaza from acts of war aimed at the destruction of a neighboring member-state of the UN.  

4/   Instead, we have a stream of statements oblivious to this.  For example, the UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, the EU, and many others, never tire of the mantra of the two-state solution.  But they never acknowledge the chief obstacle to achieving this:  the Palestinian rejection of a Jewish nation-state and the claim of all Palestinian parties to all the territory of Israel.  This is why all Palestinian media, mosques and the education system claim the whole region and why none promote peace with the Jewish state via the two-state solution.

5/   With its preference for the PA over Hamas, the idea of replacing one group of terrorists who want to annihilate Israel with another group of terrorists in Gaza with the same aim doesn’t bother the UN one bit.  As a result, there is a complete absence of demands from the UN, and other advocates of the two-state solution, that the Palestinians at last accept Israel as a Jewish state and abandon their desire to eliminate it.   

6/   Of course, Hamas is not the slightest bit interested in a two-state solution.   It is interested in establishing a caliphate over the entire territory.  As a consequence of UN failure, Hamas is completely unchallenged in declaring its open and proud intention to annihilate Israel (anyone can read Hamas’ own words by googling the Hamas Charter).  To this end, Hamas continues to devote an enormous quantity of resources, funds, and lives.  Yet the UN, senior international politicians and the bulk of the international media maintain a silence on this too.  

7/   By refusing to address the real cause of the continued conflict, the UN and others effectively prolong it.  As a result, the government of Gaza continues with its aim of Israel’s destruction, and the suffering this imposes on the population of Gaza and Israel also continues.  Instead of the peace that the UN claims to want, we get more war.  As is typical for jihadist groups, the result will be more of the same:  barbarism, ruin, pain, and death.   


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