The Palestinians need HOPE

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But hope of what?

1/   According to many, the Palestinians need a future that they can buy into.  Yet if the Palestinians hope for a better life of peace, prosperity, and a two-state solution, the answer is simple.  All that is needed is that they ditch all programs and efforts that call for the elimination of Israel and instead promote programs and activities that advocate living in peace and economic cooperation with it.

2/   Instead, although rarely revealed by the mainstream media, the Palestinian National Charter and Hamas Charter, plainly demonstrate the aim of destroying Israel.  This is maintained by continuous acts of terror, the pay-for-slay program, non-stop incitement against Jews, and a total absence of efforts to promote peace and prosperity with Israel.  With Hamas in Gaza and the PA on the West Bank claiming the entire territory of Israel and the West Bank (from the river to the sea – the ’48 territories), this hope trumps peace and prosperity.

3/   Consequently, the Palestinians remain enemies of Israel and enemies of peace, prosperity, and orderly government.  They need to be deprived of this hope.  Yet the international community, with the UN at its head, remains silent on the long-standing Palestinian aim of destroying Israel.  No international efforts are made to reverse it.  No pressure is exerted on the Palestinians to abandon their destructive illusions.  Instead, the Palestinians are supported politically and financially.  This keeps the conflict alive and the prospects for peace and prosperity unrealizable.  Events such as the 7th October mass murder of Jews are the result.

4/   Entirely in keeping with this disastrous approach, in comments made after the Hamas massacre of 1,200 Israeli civilians on 7th October, Antonia Guterres, Head of the UN, said that the Palestinians despaired of a political solution.  Careful not to point out the political solution they have in mind, he also failed to point out that despite their so-called despair, the Palestinians have never put forward a single proposal for a peaceful solution to the conflict.  Why not?  Because, as he surely knows, their own solution is the elimination of Israel.

Real Hopes vs Imagined Hopes

5/   By contrast, if the Palestinians really did hope for security, personal development, a successful economic future, and peace, the need to abandon attempts to annihilate Israel would be obvious.  This is forever unmentioned by the UN.  Instead, it continues to press for the two-state solution, which has become an article of faith – a mantra – that is supposed to end the conflict.  Yet without Palestinians abandoning the aim of replacing Israel, the UN makes no attempt to explain how this will produce a peaceful end to the conflict.  In reality, an eliminationist Palestinian state will escalate the conflict and not end it (see the 2-State Solutions box).

6/   Unfortunately, with much of the international community rooting for them, or at least sympathizing, the Palestinians have yet to be convinced that their eliminationist dream is unattainable.  Unless this can be corrected, this is a recipe for further disasters in which the UN will again be complicit.  Strenuous international efforts are required to persuade, pressurize, coax, or coerce the Palestinians so that they finally accept the same right of the same national self-determination for Israeli Jews as they claim for themselves.

7/   This should be a prime target for Israeli PR so that significant sectors of the international public become knowledgeable of the real consequences of UN failures and of the Palestinian winner-takes-all approach.  Without hearing these messages time and again, the international public will continue with the false belief that the Palestinians seek coexistence with Israel when their actions and Charters demonstrate the opposite.  The unfortunate reality is that without international help the Palestinians will never rid themselves of corrupt, dictatorial leaders who have zero capacity to lead them to a future of peace and prosperity they can buy into.

Palestinians don’t want a state next to Israel, but instead of Israel.


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