The UN Head Antonio Guterres does it again

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.. and shows how the UN makes the Israeli-Palestinian conflict worse

1/   Since the murder by Hamas of 1,400 Israeli citizens on 7th Oct, Antonio Guterres the Secretary-General of the UN has made several astounding statements.  

2/   The first was his mantra that the two-state solution is required to end the conflict.  As usual he remained silent on the chief obstacle to achieving this:  the Palestinian rejection of a Jewish nation-state.  All the Palestinian media, mosques, the education system, and all political parties claim the whole region.  None promote peace with the Jewish state via the two-state solution.

3/   His second point was that the slaughter of Jews on 7th October does not exist in a vacuum.  True but trite.  That is, as usual he makes no mention, no acknowledgement, no trace of any understanding whatever that his vacuum is completely occupied by the relentless opposition to a Jewish state by all Palestinian factions.  This in turn forces Israel to defend itself against ruthless and often bestial attacks.

4/   As the Head of the UN he will be familiar with the UN General Assembly resolution 181 of 1947 that proposed the partition of Palestine into a state for Arabs and a state for Jews.  Accepted by Jews this was rejected by the Arabs and is still rejected by all Palestinian factions.  

5/   Thirdly, he said Palestinians despair of a political solution.  Yet he fails to mention the political solution of which they despair:  the end of Israel.  In fact, the real solution is staring him in the face:  Palestinian acceptance of the legitimacy of the Jewish state is the SOLE answer.  A permanent peace can only be realized if the aim of annihilating Israel is abandoned, and the Palestinian National Charter is jettisoned.  But what is the UN doing to achieve this?  Zilch.  

Cloud-cuckoo land

6/   Otherwise, to believe that an end to the conflict can be reached with those who refuse to accept Israel and who continue a relentless and ruthless campaign against it, is cloud-cuckoo stuff.  It shows how thoroughly the UN (and large sections of the mainstream media) has swallowed Palestinian stories.

7/   As an example, regarding the current war in Gaza, it is surely crystal clear to Guterres that Hamas has zero interest in a two-state solution.  It is interested in overthrowing Israel, murdering as many Jews as possible and establishing a caliphate over the entire territory (see its own mind-boggling words by googling the Hamas Charter).  Is it really possible that he has missed this?  Is he seriously biased or merely incompetent?  Whichever, there is zero challenge from the UN to the open and proud declarations of Hamas’ destructive intentions.  

8/   As a result, Guterres refuses to admit that the ONLY way to stop the conflict and end the Israeli blockade is for Gaza to have a government that does not want to destroy Israel.  Instead, the UN fails to address the real cause of the continued conflict by demanding that Palestinians abandon their refusal to accept a Jewish state.  This failure prolongs the conflict. 


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